Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi! So I've been so occupied in my school work and mind I've neglected this blog and I apologize to Amanda for this hiatus. But I'm back! I'm not going to do a lot of wapping on hear because I don't have much to say, but I'll just post some photos that I've taken interest in (Robert Mapplethorpe's to be exact) and some photos of my museum hopping that I've been doing. I guess I'll make note of the books I've read/currently reading: Just Kids was beautiful, Room was addictive and traumatizing, and I'm currently reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac. 

Patti Smith with her lover Robert Mapplethorpe. Their relationship was incredibly passionate and beautiful. Reading through the pages, I felt that I had become apart of their relationship. Reading this book, made me research more about Robert Mapplethorpe, an artist and photographer. His images are incredibly clean and beautiful, so visually appealing.


And here are some photos of my museum hopping, have a lovely week! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

art melts my heart

Hola. So lately, it's been fucking cold and my heart has been constantly aching. I haven't been myself, I'm sick, I'm mourning, I'm confused, I'm hurt, etc etc etc etc etc etc. yadayadayadayada.
But, I have discovered and rediscovered some beautiful, warm tone, paintings that have gotten me through this harsh winter, and day dreaming of a warm summer. I discovered Gerogia O'Keefe. I rediscovered (I appreciate them more now) Frida Kahlo and Salvidor Dali. 

Me and my mother went to the Getty Museum a few weeks ago to go see the early renaissance italian art. It was pretty interesting, but I took a lot of interest in the gift shop. I discovered a postcard that had an image of it that moved me (for some reason, not to sure why). It's called "Portrait", but google knows it as "Hands on a Horse Skull, by Georgia O'Keefe. 
It's my favorite photograph at the moment. I bought two of the post cards. One to put in my journal, and another to have displayed on my desk. I've heard of Georgia O'Keefe before, because of Breaking Bad. 

Anyways, so I decided to look at her 'vagina pictures" and they're absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. The usage of color is what warms my heart. Georgia O'Keefe was an artist who painted 'flowers' as the 'intimate parts' of a woman's reproductive system, because when she was painting, people generally thought that a 'woman's parts' were ugly and that women should be made love to in the dark. The paintings were her way of saying we are beautiful and beautiful things need to be 'admired' (and pleasured). 

(I mean look how vibrant her paintings are on google images) 
She also did a number of other beautiful paintings. She did seem to take interest in painting animal carcasses: 

Next, Salvador Dali. I've always been amazed with his work. My first major achievement in art, I would say would have to have been my replica of his melting clocks paintings. I've always taken interest in his use of psychological twists on reality in his paintings,  and his use of surrealism. Everything he paints (and even directs) is fascinating to the human eye. 

I don't know much about him as a person, but I definitely will be looking forward to reading more about him as a person.

Lastly, my all time fave homegurl, Frida Kahlo. My hero, my saint, my everything. I mean for god's sake I have socks with her face on them. I think my admiration for her started at a young age, I did a report about her in elementary school. But, I really fell in love with her in late 2011. In late 2011, my own personal hell unleashed itself into my world. I was going through some horrible things. I didn't find much pleasure in my life until I received her journal for my fourteenth birthday. I read all of it, from cover to cover. It made me cry and it made me feel relieved for the first time in my life. Frida Kahlo went through numerous things. A wreck that led to her having horrible physical pains, trauma, and a lot of surgeries followed after the wreck throughout her life. She was a feminist, always did what she wanted to do thanks to the courage her father provided for her that her mother lacked. She went through a roller coaster of a relationship with Diego Riverra, dealing with him being unfaithful and becoming overly dependent on him, leading to alcoholism when their divorce was finalized. In the last years of her life, she couldn't move out of her bed and had to go through MORE surgery. She was always in constant pain, and felt like she was a vegetable. She released all her anger, love, passion, warmth, and sadness onto one canvas, time after time again. The one thing that really hurt me, and wounded me, was the diary entry where she said she painted vegetables and fruits because she felt like one (she couldn't move because of the physical pain and the amputations). Her art in my eyes is beautiful because of the strength that shines through every paint stroke, and the strength it gave me.